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AIT translates your company's printed and electronic documents to create multilingual resources that perform to your exact specifications.  AIT begins with a thorough understanding of your content, including a check for errors and inconsistencies – an added-value service. Then it begins the process of turning your documents into clear and accurately translated messages that meet your communication objectives.

Technical Manuals

Marketing Support Materials

Multi-media Presentation



Legal Contracts & Information

Specification Sheets

Employee and Training Manuals

Desktop Publishing

Website Translations

AIT turns your original Desktop Publishing (DTP) files into professionally translated and graphically organized documents, using software programs that fit your needs in either Windows or Macintosh platforms:

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Microsoft Excel

Adobe InDesign

Microsoft PowerPoint

AIT transforms your company's website into a multilingual communication tool to reach your market prospects around the world. To see a sample of a multilingual website, select one of the languages at the top right of any of the pages of this website. For more information and references contact us.

Adobe FrameMaker

Microsoft Publisher*

Adobe Illustrator




Corel Draw*

*Microsoft Platform Only

AIT bridges the cultural and linguistic gap between your company and the world.

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